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内容摘要: 英语句子教学 精选92句 1. 为了使译文自然流畅,读起来顺口,在一些形容词前可根据上下文内容加上副词“很”、“最”等字。 2. These goods are in short supply. 3......


英语句子教学 精选92句

1. 为了使译文自然流畅,读起来顺口,在一些形容词前可根据上下文内容加上副词“很”、“最”等字。

2. These goods are in short supply.

3. 熟记常用语,确保准确无误。

4. Eleetricety was not discovered by Edison,but he invented the electric light.

5. 由于语言习惯不同,英语里的形容词有时译成汉语副词。

6. k前短:book,brook,cook,look,shook,took

7. 主语+系动词+表语

8. He is truly sorry for his past, and he has undertaken to give up motorcars entirely and for ever.

9. He received his invitation but didn’t accept it.

10. 肯定句改一般疑问句的方法三步法

11. 有时可将英语的“形容词+名词短语”译成汉语的主谓结构1到100的英语单词。

12. 用好的工具书,不要用电子词典。

13. He asked me for a full account of myself and family.

14. 在be动词后加not。如:is not , are not , am not, was not, were not;

15. 上述都没有的,在句首请助动词Do/Does/Did帮忙,剩下的照抄,(some 改成any,my改成your等)句点改成问号。

16. 肯定句改否定句的方法一步法

17. 晨读

18. 主语+及物动词+宾语+宾语补足语

19. The old man raised his head,facing the rising sun.

20. 注意多记词组。get ,take, put接的`down, of,…

21. ent types of sentences.if someone asks me:“ do you like music? ” , i will answer him orher yes, because i think music is an important part of our lives.how exciting the rock is!different people have different ideas about music. i like rockmusic and my favorite rock band (the “ foxy ladies ” ) is one

22. 弱读短:classroom,schoolroom,workroom,bedroom,boyhood

23. 语法,与词汇量同等重要。注意:动词,非谓语动词,to--,-- ing ; 形容词、副词的基本用法;虚拟语气,如何变化;记语法规则,可生搬硬套用。

24. 上述都没有的,在句首请助动词Do/Does/Did帮忙,剩下的照抄,(some 改成any,my改成your等)句点改成问号。

25. and listen to me.连系动词和表语在意思上紧密联系,不宜分割。练习:分析句子的主语和谓语mr. li teaches english.he can play the piano.my parents and i are having dinner.3 、表语表语是谓语的一部分,它位于系动词之后,说明主语身份,特征,属性或状态。一般由名词,代词,形容词,副词,不定式,介词短语等充当。例句: my sister is a nurse. 我姐姐是护士。表语表语是用来说明主语的性质,身份,特征和状态。表语须和连系动词一起构成句子的复合谓语。表语一般放在系动词之后。表语可以由名词 , 形容词或起名词和形容词作用的词和短语担任。thesedesks are yellow. 这些桌子是黄色的。i am all right.my work is teaching english, 我的工作是教英语。my question is how you knew him. 我的问题是你如何认识他的。 系动词的分类:

26. 看英文电影电视剧

27. 听听音乐

28. 出去逛街关注身边的英文

29. 句型2 Subject (主语) + Verb (谓语)

30. He listened,but could hear nothing.

31. Nothing is permitted,everything is allowed.

32. 注意同性词,举一反三,一个单词的名词、动词、形容词同时记。每个单词最起码记3~4种意思。

33. Such criticisms have become familiar in his later commentaries on America.

34. a plastic garden chair

35. Sometimes I spend some time on novels.

36. 肯定句改特殊疑问句的方法四步法

37. 注意前、后缀,多认识一些;注意派生词,尤其是词汇题。

38. I am going to be good and sweet and kind to every body.

39. 说一点英语2he doesn t like english. O do you speak english.i won t do it again.you d better catch a bus.第二种是由连系动词+表语构成:we are all here.school is over. let s go home.my pen is in my bag.you look very happy.he looked worried.i feel terrible.the weather gets wamer, and the days get longer. keep quite

40. 把can,shall, will等放到句首,剩下的照抄,(some 改成any,my改成your等)句点改成问号。

41. You are ignorant of the duties you undertake in marrying.

42. es.1) declarative sentencehe likes surfing the internet. she cannot play computer games.they hardly know anything about it.2) interrogative sentencea. 一般疑问句does he like surfing the internet? -yes, he does.-can t she play the computer games? -no, she can t. b. 特殊疑问句疑问词有who, whose, what, which, where,

43. s bad for your health.working with you is a pleasure.7 ) “ there be 结构做主语, ”be 作谓语,主语位居其后。there is apen on the desk.there are many different kinds of mooncakes.there will be a strong wind.“there be结构中there无实际意义例如: there is a boy there 。第一个 there 无意义,第二个代指那里 。8 ) it 作主语,有如下情况:1指代刚刚提到的事物:O what s this

44. 英语中一些表示知觉、情感、欲望等心理状态的形容词,同连系动词构成复合谓语时,翻译时可将形容词译成动词。

45. 在can,should, will等后加not。如:cannot, should not, will not;

46. These goods are in short supply.

47. It was as pleasant a day as I have ever spent.

48. He is very interested in the interesting film.

49. It was as pleasant a day as I have ever spent.

50. 看着音标记单词,应会读。

51. 敢于开口说英语,不要怕犯错误。

52. This engine develops a high torque.

53. This equation is far from being complicated.

54. 长音:bloom,boot,cool,foot,moon,root,school,soon,too,troop,room,zoo

55. 要创设情景,加强交际训练。

56. He looked around,but saw nothing.

57. 上述都没有的,在动词前加助动词否定形式dont/doesnt/didnt。

58. Another war will be the absolute end of our country.

59. 把be动词放在句首,剩下的照抄,(some 改成any,my改成your等)句点改成问号。

60. some 改成any。

61. ?it s a bus吉(代 what)2指代一个你不知道或判断不清性别的人O who s knocking the door?it s me擂代 who) who s the baby in the picture? it s my sister. (指代who)3表示时间,天气,距离:O what s the time?it s eight o clo眯闻) what s it going to be tomorrow?it s going to be rainy.(天气) how far is it? it s about o

62. ; the poor ; the blind ; the deafthe blind need more help.5 )不定式短语:to see is to believe.不定式短语作主语常以it s adj. to do sth. 形式出现,it 作形式主语,真正主语放在句后。to be a doctor is my dream.its bad manners to spit in public.it s gladto see you again.it was difficult to see.6 )动名词做主语:seeing is believing.eating too much i

63. 读一本小说

64. e you going to do this sunday? f. how lucky he is!g. does he surf the internet at the weekend? h. it isn t a fineday today, is it?2) let students rewrite the sentences.a. he likes surfing the car. ( 改为一般疑问句)b. the boy used to play computer games.( 改为否定句)c. a rocket travels fast through the air.( 改为感

65. 在can,should, will等后加not。如:cannot, should not, will not;

66. 把be动词放在句首,剩下的照抄,(some 改成any,my改成your等)句点改成问号。

67. English is fairly useful,but it is rather difficult to learn.

68. Another war will be the absolute end of our country.

69. s a basketball fan, and his wife is a volleyball fan.b. he works hard while his brother is a lazy bone.3) complex sentencea. we don t know whether he likes playing computer games.b. i like surfing the internet, which can offer a large amount of information.c. i like surfing the internet, because it

70. a large brick conference hall

71. [ ]:door,floor

72. It is easy to compress a gas.

73. Will you lend me the book you borrowed from the library yesterday?

74. You are ignorant of the duties you undertake in marrying.

75. I am going to be good and sweet and kind to every body.

76. This equation is far from being complicated.

77. a large brick conference hall

78. 一些原义并无否定意思的形容词和别的词搭配,有时可译成否定句。

79. He is truly sorry for his past, and he has undertaken to give up motorcars entirely and forever.

80. 坚持不懈,从不间断。

81. This engine develops a high torque.

82. ne kilometre away. ( 距离 )2 、谓语说明主语的动作或状态,说明主语“做什么 ”“ 是什么 ”或 “怎么样 ”,也是句子的主体部分,一般由动词充当。谓语和主语在人称和数两方面必须一致。动词分为实义动词、连系动词、情态动词和助动词。实义动词单独作谓语,连系动词与表语一起构成谓语,情态动词与省略to 的不定式构成合成谓语,助动词与动词原形共同构成谓语部分。谓语说明主语的动作,状态或特征。一般可分为两类:1) 简单谓语由动词(或短语动词)构成。不论何种时态,语态,语气,凡由一个动词(或动词词组)构成的谓语都是简单谓语。he works in a factory. ( 一般现在时

83. a plastic garden chair

84. Such criticisms have become familiar in his later commentaries on America.

85. 方法要灵活多样。

86. He asked me for a little ink,but I had little myself.

87. 主语+及物动词+宾语

88. 主语+不及物动词

89. 如果一个名词前有几个形容词修饰,英译时应根据汉语习惯决定其顺序。

90. She spoke in a high voice.

91. ifferent types of sentences.if someone asks me: “ do you like music? ” , i will answer him or her yes, because i think music is an important part of ourlives. how exciting the rock is!different people have different ideas about music. i like rockmusic and my favorite rock band (the“ foxy ladies ” )

92. 多方位多角度来学英语。

英语句子教学 精选14句

1. 在be动词后加not。如:is not , are not , am not, was not, were not;

2. 尽量用第一人称来记习惯用语和句型,以便记忆牢固。

3. Her elder sister is three years older than she.

4. 把can,shall, will等放到句首,剩下的照抄,(some 改成any,my改成your等)句点改成问号。

5. when, why, how, etc.who likes surfing the internet?where did he play computer games?c. 选择疑问句does he like playing computer games or chatting on-line?which do you prefer, playing computer or chatting on-line?d. 反意疑问句he likes surfing the car, ?she can t play computergames, ? let s go to surf the inter

6. Do you speak everyday English every day?

7. He asked me for a full account of myself and family.

8. They planted a few trees,but few of them are alive.

9. It is easy to compress a gas.

10. She spoke in a high voice.

11. Both of them went out but neither came back.

12. 主语+及物动词+宾语1+宾语2

13. 上下相连,从不孤立。

14. 主动语态)i like walking.( 一般现在时主动语态)i made your birthday cake last night. ( 一般过去时主动语态)it is used by travellers and business people all over the world.(一般现在时被动语态)2)复合谓语:第一种是由 情态动词/助动词+不带to的动词不定式构成:O1 wecant carry the heavy box. 我们搬不动那箱子。im sorry, i cant help you. 对不起,我帮不上你i can speak a little english. 我会