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内容摘要: 美丽英语句子 精选93句 1. 自弃者扶不起,自强者击不倒。 2. I want to love my seal in your heart. 3. 再怎么不开心,生活都得继续,不如笑着过每一天。 ......


美丽英语句子 精选93句

1. 自弃者扶不起,自强者击不倒。

2. I want to love my seal in your heart.

3. 再怎么不开心,生活都得继续,不如笑着过每一天。

4. Love is ever lasting. The aspect may change, but not the essence.

5. 任何东西只要足够迷惑你,就足以毁了你。心软是病,情深致命。Anything that confuses you enough is enough to destroy you. Soft heart is a disease, and deep feeling is fatal.

6. Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Learn to trust your heart.

7. 如果结局注定悲伤、那我宁愿选择放弃。

8. If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.

9. Love is a vine that grows into our hearts.

10. 快乐要懂得分享,才能加倍的快乐。

11. Why, always have to wait until after the happiness left, only to find that it had come.

12. 本性的苏醒,往往在遭遇真实之后。

13. 过去属于死神,未来属于你自己。

14. I began to learn to imagine, the idea of a place where you and I.

15. 要是你真的惹到我,你猜我还会不会继续和你胡侃。

16. 有些事,不说是个结,说了是个疤。

17. Worthy of nostalgia will never leave, leaving forever is not worth my nostalgia.

18. 世态炎凉我不得不让自己伪装成个刺猬。

19. 事常与人违,事总在人为。

20. 勤能补拙是良训,一分耕耘一分才。

21. As long as you live better than me, die early.

22. 有些东西,你珍惜了就会失去,比如说爱情。

23. You will have it if it belongs to you,whereas you dont kvetch for it if it doesnt appear in your life.

24. 能让你活得最像自己的人,必然会是那个最爱你且你最爱的人。The person who makes you live the most like yourself is the one who loves you the most and you love the most.

25. My heart is with you.

26. A ray of sunshine in the morning, woke me from my sleep.

27. 就算生活中有再多的失望,也希望你能试着接受,并且学着不为难自己。Even if there are more disappointments in life, I hope you can try to accept them and learn not to embarrass yourself.

28. Brief is life, but love is long.

29. Sometimes, Im not ignoring you, just waiting for you to open your mouth.

30. I will not beat you, you dont know me but.

31. 在冬天,最想去的地方除了被窝还有你的怀里。

32. 黑发不知勤学早,白首方悔读书迟。

33. Tears are a kind of emotional release.

34. 不要着急,最好的总会在最不经意的时候出现。

35. Eternity is not a distance but a decision.

36. 是否紧闭眼眶,眼角的泪就不会轻易地落下。

37. A person has at least one dream, there is a reason to be strong.

38. 宠的多了就会放肆,忍的多了就会怨恨,所以爱要懂得分寸。More spoiled will be wanton, more tolerant will resent, so love to know how to measure.

39. To find a happy excuse, over my spring, no matter who you are.

40. Fading is true while flowering is past.

41. Every time you come to mind, I realize Im smiling.

42. 我只不过是想找个可以管住我的人。

43. May there be enough clouds in your life to make a beautiful sunset.

44. 你不勇敢,没人替你坚强。

45. I would like weeping with the smile rather than repenting with the cry,when my heart is broken ,is it needed to fix?

46. 只要你过得比我好,死的一定早。

47. 疯狂的想念,哪里都是你。

48. 我们可以失望,但不能盲目。

49. 碎了一地的诺言,拼凑不回的昨天。

50. Love is a carefully designed lie.

51. Not because of my persistence, but because you deserve it.

52. The moment you can fill the heart, this is the difference between you and others.

53. 爱来爱去像个xxx一样,值得吗?

54. If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me.

55. I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.

56. 有没有人愿意陪我一起疯,疯到全世界都感动。

57. I want to hold your hand, walk, escape from the planet.

58. 积土而为山,积水而为海。

59. 永不言败,是成功者的最佳品格。

60. Love is hard to get into, but harder to get out of.

61. 别人能做到的事情,我也能做到。

62. 找一个快乐的借口,过我的春天,无所谓你在谁身边。

63. 好好的管教你自己,不要管别人。

64. 我的世界因为你闪亮,我的生活因你而疯狂。

65. 跌下去是耻辱,站起来是尊严。

66. Love is the greatest refreshment in life.

67. 相似的人适合一起欢闹,互补的人适合一起变老。

68. There are no trails of the wings in the sky, while the birds has flied away.

69. 我开始学会想象,构思一个有你我的地方。

70. I have heard the most ridiculous story, is you and her love.

71. There are two in the world I, a disguise happy, a sincere sad.

72. 闲看花开,静待花落,冷暖自知,干净如始。Watch the flowers open, wait for the flowers to fall, cold and warm self-knowledge, clean as ever.

73. 捐躯赴国难,视死忽如归。

74. Some people, some things, remember enough, dont need to care about.

75. Love keeps the cold out better than a cloak.

76. The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a womans heart.

77. 与你缠绵的每一秒,都是我生命里的永远。

78. When alive ,we may probably offend some people.However, we must think about whether they are deserved offended.

79. 万里长篇不及你只言片语,风和日丽不如你寥寥一面。Ten thousand miles is not as long as you just say a few words, the wind and sunshine is not as beautiful as you.

80. 国际上有两个我,一个伪装高兴,一个诚心伤心。

81. 我走在逃离命运的路上,却与命运不期而遇。

82. At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.

83. Dont compare your life with others. Theres no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when its their time.

84. If you weeped for the missing sunset,you would miss all the shining stars.

85. 无论是离开还是相聚,总是那么的让人心痛。

86. 哪有什么来日方长,从来都是三旬过场,人走茶凉。Where theres a long way to go, always in March, people go to tea.

87. Happy to know how to share, to be more happy.

88. 不要那么相信回忆,里面的那个人,不一定会怀念你。Dont trust the memory so much. The person in it will not necessarily miss you.

89. When love is not madness, it is not love.

90. 听闻爱情,十有九悲,听闻过往,十忆九伤。Hearing of love, nine out of ten sorrows, hearing of the past, nine out of ten memories.

91. 心甘情愿才能理所当然,理所当然才会义无反顾。Willingness is the only way to take it for granted, and righteousness is the only way to take it for granted.

92. Turning only to meet you, but you forget, you will turn.

93. If the outcome is bound to be sad, then I would rather choose to give up.

美丽英语句子 精选64句

1. Just need some warmth, even if it is a little bit of self righteous memorial.

2. Dont try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to

3. Tangle of love, is that you have to let me choose to smile to leave.

4. 全世界都可以是你的,但是你只能是我的。

5. Lights, continue to shine. Fireworks, continue to bloom. Music, continue to echo.

6. Destiny determines who comes into our livesbut it’s the heart that decides who stays inside.

7. 因为无能为力,所以顺其自然。因为心无所恃,所以随遇而安。Because there is nothing to do, let it be. Because the heart has nothing to depend on, so be at ease with circumstances.

8. If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other,then I wish we had never encountered.

9. Its not easy to grow up. Some dont, some dont want to and some pretend not having been grown up.

10. Why I have never catched the happiness? Whenever I want you ,I will be accompanyed by the memory of.

11. 我想牵着你的手,一直走,逃离这颗星球。

12. 有那么个名字装在心里,有些话就这么腐烂在心里。

13. 不乱于心,不困于情。不畏将来,不念过往。如此,安好。Not confused in the heart, not trapped in the feelings. Dont fear the future, dont miss the past. So, good.

14. 人生如烟花,不可能永远悬挂天际;只要曾经绚烂过,便不枉此生。Life is like fireworks, it can not hang in the sky forever; as long as it has been brilliant, it will not be in vain.

15. However the world fails you, never forget your mercy and kindness that lies within.

16. 心清如水即是佛,了无牵挂佛无边。

17. Don’t let the past steal your present.

18. 一瞬间就能把心塞满,这就是你与他人的区别。

19. 纠结的爱,是你不得不让我选择微笑着离开。

20. No matter the ending is perfect or not, you cannot disappear from my world.

21. 眼泪是情绪的一种宣泄。

22. 淡淡的日子,淡淡的心情,淡淡的阳光,淡淡的风,凡事淡淡的,就好。Light days, light moods, light sunshine, light wind, everything light, just fine.

23. 冷漠,有时候并不是无情,是一种避免被伤害。

24. 要战胜恐惧,而不是退缩。

25. 青春,就像受赞美的春天。

26. I miss you so much already and I havent even left yet.

27. 天下无难事,只怕有心人。

28. I just want to find a person I can manage.

29. 时间不是让人忘了痛,它只是让人习惯痛。

30. Promises are often like the butterfly, which disappear after beautiful hover.

31. Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.

32. 有理想在的地方,地狱就是天堂。

33. 烈火试真金,逆境试强者。

34. Dont focus too much which will let you down.

35. 很多事没有来日方长,很多人只会乍然离场,很多话未出口先成伤。Many things are not as long as the future, many people will just leave the scene suddenly, many words are injured before exporting.

36. Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to!

37. Dont give up the things that belong to you and keep those lost things in memory.

38. I walk on the road to escape the fate, but fate and accidentaly across.

39. Love is a light that never dims.

40. 不要等待机会,而要创造机会。

41. Broken the promise of a place, put together not back yesterday.

42. A heart that loves is always young.

43. The whole world can be yours, but you can only be mine.

44. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

45. Give free to him when you fall in love and give free to love when you don’t love.

46. 灯光,继续闪耀。烟花,继续绽放。音乐,继续回响。

47. 岂能尽人如意,但求无愧于心!

48. 你是我的命,没有你我活不下去。

49. 最痛的距离,是你不在身边,却在我的心里。

50. 以诚感人者,人亦诚而应。

51. There is a name installed in the heart, some words so rotten in the heart.

52. Take away love, and our earth is a tomb.

53. 不是因为我执着,而是因为你值得。

54. Whether closed eyes, eyes of tears will not easily fall.

55. Every second that you are touching, its always in my life.

56. 人要有足够的压力,才能超越颠峰。

57. Never lose the child-like wonder.

58. 我的世界没有爱,命中注定要分开。

59. 只要我想赢,你就是个渣。

60. Carrying my full memory, youre far away.

61. In fact, the real good for you, your life, will not meet a few.

62. We cease loving ourselves if no one loves us.

63. 其实真正对你好的人,你一辈子,也不会遇到几个。

64. 我不要短暂的温存,只要你一世的陪伴。I do not want short-term warmth, as long as you accompany the whole life.

美丽英语句子 精选82句

1. 寒冷到了极致时,太阳就要光临。

2. 留一片空白,随时浓墨重彩。

3. 凡是自强不息者,最终都会成功。

4. No one indebted for others,while many people dont know how to cherish others.

5. 这世上所有的久处不厌,都是因为用心。All the longevity in this world is due to intentions.

6. However long the night, the dawn willbreak.

7. I know I dont understand love, I just try to love you.

8. If I know what love is, it is because of you.

9. Passionate love is a quenchless thirst.

10. 我听过最可笑的故事,是你和她的爱情。

11. There is no love in my world, its meant to be apart.

12. Oh, really funny, I fight for you and so on, but you said to me.

13. 如果我想要,我就一定能。

14. You are my life, I cant live without you.

15. 我不打你,你就不知道我文武双全。

16. 我只是再也不想离开你,一刻钟都不想。

17. Some things, do not say is a knot, say is a scar.

18. 邂逅了微笑,错过了绝望每一站也算不孤单。

19. 我多想让爱神把我封印在你心里。

20. 转弯只为遇见你,却忘记了,你也会转弯。

21. 不为失败找理由,要为成功找方法。

22. In winter, the best place to go in addition to bed and your arms.

23. Encounter a smile, missed the despair, each station is not alone.

24. If you really get to me, I guess you will not continue and you Hu kan.

25. Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you.

26. 有期盼的生活。饮食当下的滋味。

27. 有时候,我不是不理你,只是在等你先开口。

28. I just dont want to leave you, I dont want to.

29. Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.

30. Dont give up when you are able to fly.

31. 我把自由还给你,突然发现真的好轻松。

32. Some things, you will lose the treasure, for example, love.

33. 会当凌绝顶,一览众山小。

34. My world because of you, my life is crazy because of you.

35. No matter how unhappy, life has to continue, it is better to laugh every day.

36. Love is like a butterfly. It goes where it pleases and it pleases where it goes.爱情就像一只蝴蝶,它喜欢飞到哪里,就把欢乐带到哪里。

37. Live for today and stop stressing out about tomorrow.

38. 为什么,总要等到幸福离开后,才发现它曾经来过。

39. 载着我满满的怀念,你渐行渐远。

40. 呵,真可笑,我拼了命为你等下去,你却对我说分手。

41. Whether it is to leave or to get together, always so painful.

42. 时光轻缓,微风正好;彼时当年少,莫负好时光。Time is gentle, the breeze is just right; then when you were young, dont miss the good time.

43. Give so much time to improving yourself that you wont have time to criticize others.

44. Dreaming in the memory is not as good as waiting for the paradise in the hell.

45. Similar people for fun, complementary fit to grow old together.

46. Time is not to let people forget the pain, it just makes people used to pain.

47. The fickleness of the world I have to make myself disguised as a hedgehog.

48. 书山有路勤为径,学海无涯苦作舟。

49. 有些人,有些事,记得就够,不需要刻意在乎。

50. There is no remedy for love but to love more.

51. Love is like the moon, when it does not increase, it decreases.

52. 对的,坚持;错的,放弃!

53. 黑暗总会过去,黎明终会到来。

54. 早晨的一缕阳光,把我从睡梦中吵醒。

55. I gave it back to you, and I found it really easy.

56. There is no one willing to accompany me crazy, crazy to the whole world are moved.

57. 值得留恋的永远不会离去,离去的永远不值得我留恋。

58. Ill think of you every step of the way.

59. 我知道我不懂爱,我只是想方设法的去爱你而已。

60. Indifference, sometimes not heartless, is a kind of avoid being hurt.

61. Dont be discouraged; its often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.

62. 空谈不如实干。踱步何不向前行。

63. The life is not always full of multiple choices, but application questions, which need us to prove little by little.

64. 欲穷千里目,更上一层楼。

65. 没有所谓失败,除非你不再尝试。

66. 只是需要一些温暖,哪怕是一点点自以为是的纪念。

67. 性格决定命运,选择改变人生。

68. 刑天舞干戚,猛志固常在。

69. 岁月静好,从年少到暮夕,唯有深情共白头。Years are quiet, from youth to dusk, only affectionate hoary head.

70. The darkness is no darkness with thee.

71. Every day without you is like a book without pages.

72. The most painful distance is that you are not around, but in my heart.

73. 有多大的思想,才有多大的能量。

74. 更新你的思想,你就能获得新生。

75. The soul cannot live without love.

76. 就算世界荒芜,总有一个人,他会是你的信徒。Even if the world is deserted, there will always be someone who will be your follower.

77. 没有失败,只有暂时的不成功。

78. 瞬间就能把心塞满,这就是你与他人的区别。

79. 再多一点努力,就多一点成功。

80. Look into my eyes you will see what you mean to me.

81. Where there is great love, there are always miracles.

82. 爱是永恒的,外表可能改变,但本质永远不变。