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英语中考作文万能句子 精选72句

1. on the whole /all in all总起来说

2. My favorite subject is English. I am good at English. I speak English quite well.

3. A bad thing never dies.坏事遗臭万年。

4. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

5. some people think that ......Others believe that the opposite is true . There is probably some truth in both sides.But we must realize that ......

6. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.一鸟在手胜过双鸟在林。

7. A bad workman always blames his tools.拙匠常怨工具差,不会撑船怪河弯。

8. Failure is the mother of success.

9. There are different opinions among people as to…

10. at first/ first(ly)/ first of all / in the first place 首先;第一

11. A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit. 吃一堑,长一智。

12. We should plant more flowers and trees.

13. It‘s our duty to protect our environment.

14. generally speaking 一般地说

15. Experience is the father of wisdom and memory the mother.

16. some people think that ......others believe that the opposite is true . there is probably some truth in both sides.but we must realize that ...... 一些人认为......另一些人持相反意见。也许双方的观点都有一定道理。但是我们必须认识到......

17. lost time is never found again. 岁月既往,一去不回。

18. In short , we must work hard to make the world a better place .

19. It is another new and bitter truth we must learn to face .

20. Everything is good when new, but friends when old.

21. People may have different opinions on…

22. Lost time is never found again.

23. A bad beginning makes a bad ending.不善始者不善终。

24. We should not throw litter onto the ground

25. Fact speak louder than words.

26. ……已成为人的关注的热门话题,特别是在年青人当中,将引发激烈的辩论。

27. at present 现在;当今

28. A book that remains shut is but a block.有书不读,书变木头。

29. As the proverb says, 正如谚语所说的,

30. Last Sunday (Saturday), it was sunny (rainy, windy, foggy)

31. Every minute counts.

32. We forgot the time. We didn‘t come back until 5 o‘clock.

33. People used to ......however , things are quite different today .

34. Everybody should have a dream.

35. I am outgoing. I like sports very much. I do sports after every day.

36. People’s views on… vary from person to person. Some hold that… 。 However, others believe that…。

37. It goes without saying that… 不言而喻,…

38. Every mothers child is handsome.

39. A barking dog is better than a sleeping lion.吠犬也比睡狮强。

40. It has to be noticed that… 它必须注意到,…

41. people used to ......however , things are quite different today . 过去,人们习惯......但,今天的情况有很大的不同。

42. False friends are worse than bitter enemies.

43. It can be said with certainty that… 可以肯定地说……

44. Example is better then percept.

45. It is very important to take care of our environment

46. Of all the sports,I like swimming best.

47. in general 一般说来

48. in short , we must work hard to make the world a better place . 简而言之,为了把世界变成更美好的地方,我们必须勤奋工作。

49. in a word/ in short,/in brief, 简言之;总之

50. 现在,……很普遍,许多人喜欢……,因为……,另外(而且)……。

51. Every potter praises his pot.

52. one the one hand…(on the other hand) 一方面…(另一方面)

53. As far as …is concerned 就……而言

54. A boaster and a liar are cousins-german.吹牛与说谎本是同宗。

55. in the beginning 起初

56. We enjoyed ourselves.

57. A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit.吃亏的和解也比胜诉强。

58. it is another new and bitter truth we must learn to face .这是一个我们必须学会面对的痛苦的新情况。

59. I got up very early (late)。 After breakfast I went to …with my friends by bike, bus,…

60. recognizing a problem is the first step in finding a solution . 认识到问题是找到解决办法的第一步。

61. What calls for special attention is that… 需要特别注意的是

62. Different people hold different attitudes toward (failure)。

63. finally/at last/ at the end 最后;终于

64. we re often told that ......but is this really the case ? 我们经常被告知......但事实真是这样吗?

65. My name is xxx. I am 15 years old. I’m a middle school student.

66. We should not spit in a public place/ cut down the trees

67. I like playing basketball. I often play basketball with my friends after school.

68. to begin with /to start with首先

69. Experience must be bought.

70. 任何事物都是有两面性,……也不例外。它既有有利的一面,也有不利的一面。

71. Attitudes towards (drugs) vary from person to person.

72. We all felt very tired, but we were happy.




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